4 Types of Cases a Family Law Lawyer Handles

When should you consult with a family law lawyer and retain them to represent your case? This special lawyer handles some of the most challenging of all legal cases because they affect the people and things that we love the most. But, when there is a family law lawyer there, it certainly calms some of the emotions involved in the case. Attorneys that practice family law handle a variety of types of legal matters, including the four listed below.


When ’til death do us part ends a bit earlier than anticipated, divorce is the outcome. Some couples wrongly assume that a lawyer isn’t necessary, but it is essential to have their expertise handling the case. Not only does having a lawyer there minimize contact with your spouse, it ensures things are handled quickly.

Child Support

Children deserve financial support from both parents. Whether you have a child born out of wedlock or have separated in marriage, a family law attorney can help file a child support order on the behalf of your child to ensure that he or she gets the financial compensation deserved.

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Adopting a child is a gift to both the child and the adoptive parents, but it is also complex. Without an attorney, adoption can be a long, complicated process that causes maximum stress. Don’t go through it alone.

Domestic Violence

Violence against a family member is a crime if it becomes physical. Verbal and mental abuse are grounds for divorce, lawsuits, and more. But, it is ideal to go to court with one of the family law attorneys ridgeland ms by your side. D.V. brings an onset of emotions that a lawyer can help you sort through without complicating your legal matter.